Sponsor’s Day at Corstorphine Rugby Club

Great to see the continued partnership between JWS and Corstorphine Cougars RFC. It was pleasing to watch a great game of rugby and a good opportunity to speak with fellow sponsors, the players and club supporters.


Sponsoring the longest continuous Rugby Tour in the UK

JWS were proud to sponsor Corstorphine Cougars RFC for the 40th anniversary of their annual Keswick Rugby Tour. This is the longest continuous rugby tour in the UK and it is an ideal partnership with the oldest family company in Scotland.


Scottish National Seven’s Winners

Congratulations to Corstorphine Cougars RFC women’s team on winning the Scottish National Seven’s 2018!

We are proud to sponsor and support this club and women’s sevens rugby.


Stade Français Captain’s Run at RHC Cougars RFC – Union Park

We are very proud to support RHC Cougars hosting Stade Français captain’s run at Union Park. Congratulation for winning the final! Well done Stade Français Paris!

PH by Tete a Tete Foto : https://goo.gl/Dvj85b 

TRI Trust Rugby International

We are pleased to support Trust Rugby International (TRI) and the inclusion of everyone through  Rugby!
John White & Son (JWS) presented a banner at the Touch Rugby Marathon that TRI organised in Edinburgh. Also we asked some questions to one of the coaches Mr. Ryan Collins.

1. What is TRI about?  TRI is quite simply about inclusion. Giving guys the platform to do something that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do, being part of a rugby team not just as supporters but as players.

2. What is your role in TRI? My role in TRI is mainly player/coach with the Edinburgh clan as well as player/coach with the national clan. I am also fixture secretary for both of these teams as well.

3. What do you think about unified rugby? I absolutely love unified rugby. Personally I’m lucky enough to be able to play for a ‘mainstream’ club as well, playing with the clan is a much different environment. Everyone is there because they love the sport of rugby and want to help others enjoy playing the sport too. It’s a more relaxed team to play in and the only pressure put on players is to have fun, not to win.

4. Can anyone can join TRI? Absolutely. TRI is open to everyone who wants to give the game a go or return to it after a time away. We have had female players training although at the moment we don’t have a female team, it’s something we have been looking at. For male players to play in matches for us they have to be 18 to play but 16 to train.

5. We heard that you are going to represent Scotland in a World Tournament, tell us about that! In August of this year we’re hoping to represent our country at the 2nd Mixed Ability World Tournament. We competed at the first one in 2015 down in Bradford, finishing 5th overall. This year we feel we will be better prepared for the tournament structure than we were before. We are doing fitness sessions, more national training camps where all our teams come together, with strength and conditioning sessions as well. We want to be in the best possible shape we can to better ourselves from the previous tournament.

6. How can people help TRI? Get involved. That’s probably one of the biggest things for us. Whether that’s coming down as a player and helping out with the team or holding a fundraiser to help us out that way. If people want to help TRI we will always try to do what we can to help you do it. If people are involved in local groups who want to know more or want to organise something then get in touch with us, there are enough of us dotted around the country to be able to come down and give a presentation as well as some advice on how to get involved! Donations are always another welcome way of helping out TRI!

More info: www.trustrugby.org

RHC Cougars 2016 Lady’s Seven  

We are proud to have supported the “RHC Cougars Carnage Lady’s Seven Tournament”. RHC Cougars, is a premier rugby club in West Edinburgh. Home to three men’s and one women’s side and a full academy who welcome players of every age and skill level. After last years successful run out at Union Park we look forward to welcoming back the Cougar Carnage 7’s tournament for its 2nd instalment.

 Tournament Poster The RHC Cougars Club House JWS Stand  Official Shirt Presentation  Referee's Awards  RHC Cougars " Tournament Champions" Hillhead Jordanhill RFC Watsonian FC Stewartry Sirens RFC Fans & Supporters RHC Cougars Club House