Weighing Software

Weighing Software

John White & Son leads the weighing software industry with a vast variety of Software for every specific industry and task.

Fully bespoke and customisable, the JWS Weighing Software Solutions are the most reliable and cost-effective solution for your business.

Weighbridge Software

JWS software offers complete control of the weighing operations of vehicles, with an easy to understand interface. This facilitates, above all, the collection of the desired information with the maximum accuracy and efficiency possible. With this weighing software, the users can register and process, in a quick and efficient way, the traffic in their weighbridges.


  • Reporting
  • Data Collection
  • Program options
  • User permission management
  • Tickets

Process Software

With JWS Statistical Weighing Software you would gain full control of your packing processes with our Checkweighers and In-Office PC Software.
Easily setup multiple workstations from one central PC and monitor the weighing performance of staff, shifts and individual products.

Keep an eye on the weighing transactions live as they happen and monitor Average Weight results including all T1 and T2 values.

Powerful reporting options ensure you have all the information required to optimise your weighing processes at your fingertips.

Production Software

Providing management with information on who measured, how long it took, when they started, and when they finished measuring.

This Software provides actionable data and information which allows businesses to improve productivity and their processes.

The benefits of using a Production Software integrated with a Checkweigher are: Enhanced Accuracy and Reduced Product Giveaway, Ensure Product Quality, Meet Regulatory Requirements, Provide Accurate Data to Better Manage a Process and Track Productivity.

One of the main features of this software is being programmed to indicate 5 weighing parameters.

  1. Under Reject
  2. Under OK
  3. Valid
  4. Over OK
  5. Over Reject

Vessel Weighing Software

This software solution alongside our programmable indicator will adapt to all your specific requirements in your industry.

Applicable functions include:

  • Continuous throughput weighing
  • Weight determination
  • Control of gates
  • Counting function
  • Process signals from various sensors and the control panel
  • Output signals to control panel
  • Display of various values and parameters
  • Fully traceable data