Grain Weighers – Vessel Weighing

Grain Weighers – Vessel Weighing

Bulk Weigher for Malt or Grain

The JWS Bulk / Grain Weigher is designed to deliver exact quantities of free-flowing material.

It can handle up to 15 tonnes per hour with accuracy in excess of ±0.01% of batch weight.

    • Fully electronic Weigher
    • Weigh Hopper resting on Loadcells
    • Pneumatically-activated gates
    • Control from Weigher indicator
  • ATEX rated option

The JWS Controller is programmed to suit distillery operations and controls the weighing process in the hopper. The coup weight and mash size are determined by the customer. It is designed to interface with the distillery control system via an Ethernet link to the SCADA controller.

The weighing process is initiated from the control panel and the weight data is constantly updated throughout the batch. If there is any interruption to the weighing process mid-batch, the Weigher can be re-started without losing totals.

Details of every batch are recorded in the permanent internal database, which can be accessed for reporting purposes.

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Controller for Distillery Process Weighing

Grain Weigher Indicator - ControllerJohn White & Son has developed a New Controller for the weighing process in distillery operations.

Designed for new weighing installations, or to replace obsolete instrumentation on existing weighers, the new unit is now being installed in whisky distilleries throughout Scotland.

In addition to the normal weighing functions of target weight, feed control, weight optimization and throughput totalisation, the new controller is linked by Ethernet connection to the distillery PLC control system allowing operators to manage the complete process from the Control Room.

The controller comes fully integrated with JWS software and we will do bespoke applications to suit your needs.

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Case Studie at Glengoyne Distillery

“Losses down from 2% to 0.2% or 0.5%”