About us

About Us

About usScotland’s oldest family firm
The amazing story of John White & Son (JWS) began in 1715 when blacksmith John White made a “particularly fine” Dutch-end scale. After eight generations of change and innovation, the family business is on the threshold of a new exciting future.
Recognized for our expertise, JWS participated in the Calibration Working Group that drew up the Code of Practice that sets the standards in the industry for the calibration of industrial weighing equipment. Our highly skilled engineers are experienced in all aspects of weighing.
Whether through entering new markets or adding new products and services to our extensive portfolio, we are continually seeking to expand and develop our offering to meet customers’ existing and future needs.

Our mission

To guarantee our customers value and support with weighing solutions delivered on time every time.

To share the benefit of 300 years’ expertise and ongoing innovation to perfect customers weighing operations, freeing up time, money and resources.

Our values

 PROFESSIONALISM and INTEGRITY                                                                                                                INNOVATION and CREATIVITY
 LEARNING and DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                                GROWTH and DIVERSIFICATION

Our vision

To be the trailblazers in weighing innovation and excellence.