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If, like Breedon Aggregates, you are the UK’s largest independent aggregates business and you produce and deliver much of the asphalt, concrete and aggregates required by the construction industry, then you want to make sure that your weighing equipment, servicing and maintenance is top notch. You need a company that you can trust and rely on to keep you running – even if lightning should strike your weighbridge (which it did this summer at Marybank Quarry in Lewis). There are good reasons why that company is John White & Son.

This business relationship started when the company traded as Ennstone, and it only had a handful of quarries. Alan Mackenzie, current Chief Executive, recognises that John White & Son has been with Breedon every step of the way since then to provide, install, maintain and calibrate the high quality, state-of-the-art weighing machines that keep their business running and competitive, no matter what.

And while staff from John White & Son have been working away quietly in the background providing essential weighing equipment and support, Breedon’s turnover has risen from £20m in 2001 to an impressive £160m in 2015.

JWS’ ability to deliver exactly what its customer needs has generated the mutual respect and good working relations that will take this business relationship successfully into the future.

John White & Son will always be there to help – even if lightning strikes twice in the same place …

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