Kettle Produce

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When – like Kettle Produce – you are supplying brassicas, salads and vegetables to companies like Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury and Tesco, it’s crucial that you can comply with these customers’ high standards. In fact, it’s a legal requirement for Kettle to maintain its checkweighers, as Christine Graham (Quality Manager) and Russell Pearson (Engineering Manager) are quick to point out.

Kettle Produce was established in 1985 by two Fife farming families and now has over 50 farmers in Scotland, England, France, Spain and Portugal supplying their produce. Weighing is necessary at every stage of the process from the intake of vegetables from these suppliers to their preparation, packaging and final dispatch to supermarkets, and you don’t get an annual turnover of £100m and become a local success story by making mistakes.

Enter John White & Son.

Their staff do a full, traceable calibration of all weighing machines once a year in both the Orkie and the Balmalcolm sites, so that Kettle Produce conforms to the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and can relax, knowing that it will comply with its customers’ standards. It’s one less (but very big) thing for them to think about.

Scales and check-weighers are also serviced regularly – some annually and some every six months – to troubleshoot any problems before they happen.

And in case the worst should happen, John White & Son staff will be there promptly to fix any problems so that production keeps going, and we can all carry on buying Kettle produce from the supermarket shelves.

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