JWS Indicator weighing solutions

The indicator is at the heart of the weighing system. It brings together all the intelligence gathered from the weighing process and reports the result.  An entry level indicator can simply measure the weight and display it on a screen. The more sophisticated the operation required, the more information the indicator is programmed to provide, adding value to the operation.

Whatever the industry, JWS can help choose the perfect indicator that will suit budgets while delivering through a seamless operation the required level of information, required by the application.

JWS can provide weight indicators for a wide range of industries and applications, from factories to weighbridges. Indicators have a wide range of uses, from general weighing and check-weighing to batch control.

All Indicators – common specifications

Construction:     ABS / Polycarbonate / Mild Steel / Stainless Steel
All Indicators – common specifications

Construction: ABS / Polycarbonate / Mild Steel / Stainless Steel

Protection: IP65/ IP66/ IP67/ IP68/ IP69K

Display: Backlit LCD / LED / Touch-screen

Standard Functions: Semi Auto Tare / Net-Gross / UK Approvable

Power: AC Mains/ Rechargeable Battery

Output: RS232

Mounting: Adjustable bracket for desk or wall-mount / Column Mount

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