Platform Scales

JWS Platform Scales weighing solutions

Platform Scales are the ideal solution for general weighing. They come in a variety of machines ranging from small bench scales through floor standing platforms right up to mini weighbridges.

Whether it is a 3kg scale or weighing an item up to 20 tonnes, a platform scale consists of a platform base, loadcell and a display. The smaller units are self-contained table top machines but as the size weight of the load increases, separate parts comprising platform base and loadcells connected to a smart digital display indicator to make up a mini weighing system

The base must be of appropriate size and strength to provide accuracy and withstand repeated use depending on the type of load. This is particularly important to protect the loadcells; the finely tuned instrument measuring the weigh load. Finally, the recorded weight is read off a smart digital display indicator connected to the platform and loadcell base.

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